I'm Elizabeth

I'm a Content Design generalist whose practice evolved from visual art, design, and e-Learning.

I specialize in the research, design, and launch of first-of-its- kind content from scratch.

I'm all about developing meaningful end-user experiences for measurable results. Whether it's collaborating with engineers to create a prototype for an audio-immersive museum mobile app or writing training curricula in metadata governance for a technical audience of data stewards.

I'm tenacious and analytical. I love rolling up my sleeves to stand up the documentation, workflow processes, taxonomies, and document control where there once there was none!


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Mobile Wayfinding App

Imagine walking through an expansive museum guided by streaming music and audio snippets that help you find your way and discover a love for all things art. Then, personalize your experience with integrated Voice Memo.

My Role

I created the audio visual content. I also contributed expertise in museums and art history.


Enhance visitors' in-gallery experience with streaming audio and interactive Voice Memos.

Hybrid Course Revisions

My task was to work closely with the Project Liaison and Senior Instructional Design expert to rebuild 50 graduate-level online course courses in Engineering, 

My Role

Course Developer/Faculty whisperer

Main Goal

Clean design, clear roadmaps, robust assessment guidelines, alignment of weekly objectives to course plan.

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My Role

Training Manager/technical writer 

Main Goal

Train 100 Data Stewards to migrate workflow to cloud-based metadata management platform.

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Erwin Data Management Cloud Platform


My areas of specialization

Stand up teaching/training

Blackboard Curricula Author

Visual Art & Design

Black Course builds

Cross-functional collaboration

Process im

Nice to meet you.

I have a deep love for teaching and mentoring. 

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