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  • Faculty Whispering: delivered personalized guidance to faculty that gave them concrete skills to convert their teaching/learning practice to an online environment.

  • LMS Content collection and file management process improvements.

  • Copy edits and rewrites of course introductions, discussions, and career reflections.


  • HP 5 assessment and testing.

TIMELINE: 12 courses | 6 weeks

Complete Faculty Blackboard course web site overhaul for Abu Dhabi University's Master Degree programs in Business, Engineering, and Health Sciences.

Our team of four rebuilt 40 graduate faculty's existing Blackboard course web sites representing three graduate programs, to better align with best practice design and delivery of hybrid and fully online teaching and learning.

The objective was to create clear user roadmaps for accessing course content, interacting with faculty (social presence) and alignment to institutional business and academic outcomes. This included streamlining the UI of menu items, Blackboard content areas, assignments, discussions, and assessment tools from multiple clicks to single click. 

Our team improved the web site taxonomy by standardizing tool and micro labels, and implementing the MLA style guide across digital and document assets (from tool labels and tool tips to downloadable PDF files).

We rewrote and copyedited instructional guidelines to minimize cognitive load for both faculty and students, while providing a clear calls to action. We created templates for faculty artifacts such as syllabi, course outlines and PowerPoint lectures and we established across-the-curricula file naming conventions.

We tested HP 5 interactive assessments and made recommendations for improvement.

The University of Abu Dhabi’s ADU is ranked a top 2.8% universities world-wide and is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The College of Business is both EQUIS and AACSB accredited, only 1% of business schools worldwide have this double accreditation. The College of Engineering has received international accreditation from the world-renowned ABET.


The Team: two senior Instructional Designers with expertise in on and off-line Educational Publishing, a Global Senior Ed Technology Executive and an e-Learning Blackboard Course Developer.

Webinar Training Artifact 

Syllabus Template

My Roles

  • Designed and Lead Faculty Professional Development Webinar

  • Rebuilt 12 Blackboard course websites​​

MEM 501: Project Management

MEM 502: Advanced Engineering Economics

MEM 504: Quality Engineering

MEM 506: Operations Research & Simulation

MEM 507: Systems Engineering Management

MEM 508: Information Technology Management

MEM 510: Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MEM 512: Risk Management for System Engineering

MGT 511: Supply Chain Management Operations 

MGT 523: Strategic Management in a Global Environment

MKTG 511: Marketing Management.

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Course Landing Page





Course Content Areas

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Course Introduction

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Assessment Tools

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HTML Clean up

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Faculty Whispers

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