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Standard Operating Procedures to optimize the Technical Report writing process of a distributed, cross-functional team 

The Provider Compliance Group comprises six senior data analysts, a project manager, a project coordinator, and a 508 compliance specialist. Subject Matter Experts conduct intricate econometric and data analysis for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Center for Program Integrity, Division of Medical Review group.


The team generates eight data analysis reports annually, each averaging 95 pages and featuring complex charts, graphs, tables, footnotes, and citations. Draft reports are submitted to the 15 Senior Analysts of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Center for Program Integrity Division of Medical Review team for review and feedback. Upon receiving feedback from CMS-DMR, the team has 3-5 days to update and revise the document to ensure 508 compliance.


My role was to spearhead the creation of workflow process through collaborative meetings with all stakeholders then translate it to tangible, detailed steps that guided would guide the team to submit preliminary and final drafts that required minimal revision. I took the lead in organizing content and leading touch point ‘requirement gathering’ meetings with the analysts and writers. The meetings included the 508 Compliance Specialist and Project Manager to establish a common set of standards and procedures, ensured everyone would be working towards a unified goal, specifically managing the collaborative editorial process in Microsoft SharePoint.


  • Standardize prose/voice

  • Establish a Style-guide

  • Establish efficiencies for cross-functional collaboration


  • Distributed team (Silos)

  • 3-5 day revision turnaround (draft to final)

  • Minimal working knowledge of 508 compliance



The outcome of the workflow document process was a faster editing turn editing and revision turnaround time that resulted in Draft Report documents accepted by the Federal Government client without any requests for revisions.

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